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Principles of happy family life - love and respect

Principles of happy family life – love and respect

What is family life? It’s not just sleeping in the same bed, having meals and dinners together, walking in the park or going to the movies. The basic principles on which family life is based:


Respect for the aspirations, the efforts made, the endeavors not only his own. It is important to do your best to make your spouse understand how much his or her “soulmate” appreciates his or her work and respects his or her opinion.

Patience and the ability to give in arguments are the best helpers in resolving conflicts that arise.


Smiling and being polite is a great way to show how glad you are to meet, that the wait was tiring. The people closest to you need kind and affectionate words. You can create a mood and help them forget their troubles with a smile.

You can’t constantly strive to change your partner. You need to leave not only yourself, but also him personal space and maintain individuality.

A calm conversation is a great solution to controversial issues.


Appearance changes perception. You can’t tidy up when you go to work or meet friends, and forget about the need to look attractive at home. This way spouses quickly get bored with each other. Their attention is attracted to outsiders who know how to look beautiful in any situation and at any time.


Love, tenderness, care, and moral support for each other are not the only things that unite spouses. They should have common goals. This can be home improvement or buying a car, going to the theater and movies or raising children. Common interests will be a solid foundation on which to build a real strong family.