10 Advice for a prosperous family life:

Communicate. Talking in a relationship is paramount. It is important to discuss everything: feelings, life, hobbies, plans, work. Do not forget to say nice words. You can create a tradition: a day to say three praises, three thanks to your partner. You’ll talk positive emotions for both the other half, and for yourself, knowing the value of your spouse.

Do not try to change your partner. Trying to re-educate the other person will lead to a negative effect, a waste of energy, a possible loss of your partner. Love the person for who he is. This is quite difficult, but necessary in a strong marriage.


Be honest. You can not hide your feelings. It is worth learning to tell the truth constructively and gently.

Be tolerant. Try to ignore minor irritants and compromise. But remember, the movement should be mutual.


Demonstrate your love. In the family, it is important to show tenderness, attention, respect, passion for each other. Repeat what you liked to do in the candy and bouquet period. Remember the feelings, not just the routine. Saturate the romantic side of the relationship.

Learning to forgive and let go is a skill that will help you be happy throughout your marriage. 


Take care of personal space. Relevant for a family of two and couples with a child. It is important to give each other breaks. Vacation or a couple of days a month spent alone will help keep novelty in the relationship, reduce the fatigue of the marriage.


Spend time together. Take up common hobbies, have fun together, add positive things to your life together. Dream, set goals together. This will bring you closer, and achieving goals will make you happier.

The basic rule is to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Realize that your overall happiness depends on the actions and desire of each to work on the relationship.